Outdoor Living

Fully Customizable Sunrooms

LivingSpace offers the ability to customize each sunroom to fit your distinct desires. Your houses are built with different sizes, colors, and materials. Your sunroom should be as well. Unlike DIY kits or competitor brands, LivingSpace offers outdoor living products that you can customize to fit the size, color, and material you wish to use. They do this while using the industry’s leading technology to ensure your sunroom will act as any other room in the house.

The Sunroom Production and Shipping Process

Custom-engineered and precisely manufactured, every component in a LivingSpace sunroom is made to fit your home seamlessly. During your first meeting with a specialist, together you will uniquely design and create a sunroom based on your   individual specifications. LivingSpace will then ship your room directly to our warehouse from their headquarters in Maumee, Ohio. 

After you and your consultant finalize a design, the specs are sent to our headquarters, where we incorporate them into a precise CAD model, with even the smallest details rendered in a 3D image. All sunrooms are approved by a licensed engineering firm, before the design is placed in an order and sent to production.

Your room is cut, cleaned, and boxed on the floors of the LivingSpace headquarters. We use vinyl lineals, fiberglass reinforcements, and header tubes in our sunrooms, and each of these pieces is cut by a computer-guided saw within 1/16th of an inch to guarantee a flawless fit when it reaches your home.

Each sunroom is shipped from our headquarters to our dealers in its own shipping container, so it’s never tampered with before it arrives. We begin with a thorough inventory check to make sure every piece of your sunroom has been accounted for. Then, we carefully pack each part of your sunroom inside a padded barrier made of foam, cardboard, and airbags to prevent any potential shipping damage.