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Sewer Backup Western Springs, Illinois

Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Natalee Ligmanowski

We have had a couple of calls to the office regarding sump pump issues from clients in the recent weeks given the heavy rains. When water comes up through any plumbing fixtures or you have standing water over your floor drain, there’s a good chance that you are experiencing municipal sewer backup. When the rain is heavy, sewage lines fill up quickly and when that happens, there is nowhere else for the back up to go but up through the plumbing fixtures in your home. Gross!

Most important - DO NOT walk in or touch the standing water until all electricty has been shut off. 

Bob recommends the following to prevent this headache...

1. Have a backup battery in place

2. Floor Drain Plug

3. Standpipe

4. Backwater Valve

Also note, sewer backups aren’t typically covered by the standard homeowners insurance policy. In the past, insurance companies included sewer backup coverage in their home insurance policies at no additional charge, but this is less common now.

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